Water Charities / drinking water

Charity:water - Providing safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

Give A Drop - Founded by Jewel and supported by Sir Richard Branson.

Pacific Institute - Working on solutions that advance environmental protection.

The Chronicles Group - Bringing global change with educational media.

Thirst Aid Live - Raising funds and awareness for the global water crisis.

Water Advocates - Working for global drinking water and proper sanitation.

Water Charity - Safe water, sanitation and health education for those in need.

Water For People - Helping to develop sustainable drinking water resources.

World Water Council - Promoting awareness of critical water issues at all levels.

Water Charities / oceans and conservation

Algalita Marine Research - Marine research, education and restoration.

Ocean Voyages Institute - Devoted to arts, sciences and ocean environment.

Surfrider Foundation - Oceanic conservation, activism, research and education.

Water News Sources / search engines etc.

AlterNet News - Water news from around the world.

Alltop Water News - All the top Water news.

Circle of Blue - Connecting humanity to the global freshwater crisis.

Google Search - Water Shortage in the news.

Treehugger - Peak Water / exploring the water crisis.

Water for the Ages - Articles, data, and information from reputable sources.

Action Centers / where to voice yourself about the issues - Petitioning for the Water For THe World Act (S.624).

Please drop us a note about any other worthy organizations that should be listed here.



An Explanation of the Water Cycle (with Pictures and Diagrams)


Water, water, everywhere, so let's all have a drink (or so we all learned as kids, right?), but it's definitely not as easy as that these days. Let’s sit back and enjoy an explanation of the water cycle. Read more...

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InfoDrop: Bottled water isn’t safer than tap water. Last year, Environmental Working Group did a study that tested popular brands of bottled water for contamination. They found 38 different harmful chemicals, including painkillers, fertilizer and arsenic, in 10 brands of bottled water.